Local School is a finalist in The Clorox Company’s Power A Bright Future grant program!

Bergen Meadow is a finalist in The Clorox Company’s Power A Bright Future grant program. We need your help to win! Please help bring  a laptop computer or Ipad to every student in each classroom by voting at www.PowerABrightFuture.com .

Program Detail:
Bergen Elementary Schools, located in Evergreen, CO are a duo of PK-2nd grade at Bergen Meadow and 3rd-5th grade at Bergen Valley. The schools share their PTA organizations and their finances. Our schools have been hit with many budget cuts over the years, and are facing more in the near future. These cuts make it progressively challenging for our teachers to teach with the technology available to them, as much of what we have now is outdated and relatively low in quantity to the number of students. In a small mountain community like ours, sometimes people learn to make do with what they have, which is the case for our dedicated, resourceful and Highly Qualified teachers. With the approval of the upcoming district budget, the possibility of losing our teacher librarians, our music programs, as well as our teachers taking another pay cut looms. Purchasing new computer equipment from our school budget will then be out of reach.

  • How this Grant will Help:
    Our goal is that every student in our schools will have access to a laptop or IPad and that our teachers will be equipped with state-of-the-art teaching technology. The Clorox Power a Bright Future Grant is the break our school has been hoping for. It will buy laptops, IPads, a Smartboard table, and laptop carts, which will aid our students in reaching for and maintaining academic growth, learning excellence, and moving their learning to the next level. Each of our learners is celebrated on a daily basis to reach their academic potential by their teachers. Being able to offer each student their own laptop or IPad will further enhance individualized learning to all of our students, including our IEP population, which is now reaching 9%, almost double the average of most schools. Our schools are committed to traditions of excellence and it is the goal of our community to continue to provide those traditions to our students, regardless of the financial limitations put upon us.

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