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 Appliance Repair  

Crow Hill Appliances                                      303.838.7480

Professional Appliance Repair                     303.674.6507



Troy Nofzinger Leading Edge Appraisals    303.619.8646

High Peaks Appraisers                                   303.674.4290

Trudee Coughlin                                             303.670.0258


Tiffani Muniz                                                  303408.4089

Building Contractor

Kevin Kwalchuk                                              303.929.7973

Greg Delahant                                                 303.910.5491


Comcast Cable                                                888.824.8045



Carpet Connection                                         303-856-5940

Carpet-co Restoration                                  303.281.8881

Mountain Pro-Tek (cleaning)                       303.838.5661

Carpet Direct (Becky)                                    303.816.2273


Chamber Of Commerce                         303.838.5711               www.goconifer.com

Chimney Cleaning  

Mountain Man Chimney                               303.674.5377



Mountain Girl Cleaning                              720.532.6608


IREA                                                                   303.838.5583

Excel Energy                                                    800.895.4999




Wilkens Electric Inc.                                      720.401.8048

Shaubach Electrical Services                        303.946.1846

A Current Electrician Inc                               303.679.0491

Schlichter Electrical                                        303.674.2938


Estate Sales

Estate Auction                                                 303.692.1167



Barta & Assoc                                                  303.674.3025

Brockman Engineering                                  303.816.2058



Specialty Fireplaces                                        303.252.8765


Garage Door & Control  

High Country Window & Door                        303.816.2660

Gold Label Door                                               303.279.7234



Colorado Natural Gas                                     303.838.2090 (Natural Gas)

Excel Energy                                                    800.895.4999 (Natural Gas)

Ferrellgas                                                         303.838.4611 (Propane)

Independent Propane                                    303.838.9880 (Propane)

Amerigas                                                          303.674.3321 (Propane)

Bailey Propane                                                303.838.5411 (Propane)



The Gutter Guys                                              303.670.5979

Conifer Gutters                                                303.838.7291


Granite & Stone  

Percoco Marble & Tile                                    303.733.3013


Handy Man & Home Maintenance  

Do It Right Handy Man Jerry Carter            303.929.7301

Helping Hands Handyman Service                303.816.2239

Preservahouse                                                  303.679.1962



Aspen Park Hardware                                    303.838.5335

Hutchinson Lumber, Inc                                303.838.7116



Dastardly Deeds                                              303.674.9786

Dirty Deeds                                                      303.697.3244

Work Horse Hauling                                       303.838.1461


Hardwood Floor  

All City Hardwood                                          303.371.0400


High Speed Internet  

Evco High Speed                                             303.674.5700

Skybeam                                                           303.670.8400


Home Inspectors

Chuck Jones                                                     303.436.9164 office      720.314.5011 cell

Inspectrum                                                      303.697.0990

Legacy Home Inspections                              303.995.1884

US Inspect                                                        1.888.874.6773

Home Staging

Linda Leuders                                                  303.518.3567

Interior Arrangements                                   303.674.8667

John Salisbury                                                  720.935.6405

Hot Tub Care  

Cal Spa Repair                                                 303.623.0100

Sundance Brand Carefree Spa                     303.321.9500 X18

Blue Moon Hot Tub & Spa Service              303.469.0146

Peak Hot Tub & Spa                                       303.674.8033



American Family                                             303.674.2220

State Farm                                                       303.838.4836

Creekside Insurance                                       303.838.8338

Kitchen & Bath  

The Kitchen & Bath Center                           303.674.7870

Evergreen Cabinet Company                       303.674.8565



Colorado Nature Design                               303.670.8252

Sundance Landscaping                                  303.670.0358


Law Enforcement  

Colorado State Patrol Dispatch                    303.239.4501

Jefferson County Sheriff                               303.277.0211


Mold Mitigation  

CDH Enviroserve                                             303.773.3359

Dirt Free Restoration & Cleaning                  303.307.1615

Insure Fire Water Mold Remediation          303.778.6000


Mortgage Lenders

Craig A. White                                                 720.938.5718


Moving & Storage  

Country Moving & Storage                           303.697.7331



Tatonka Farms                                                303.816.4312


Odor Removal  

Stink Inc                                                            303.761.5414



Leigh Davey Painting                                     303.518.0604

Tall Pines Painting Brian Kelly                      303.210.7643

Cerna Paint Interior                                       303.433.1784

Rocketman Painting                                       303.842.1894



Qwest                                                               800.244.1111


Plumbing & Heating  

Adams Plumbing & Heating                          303.670.9171

Bill Hatter                                                        303-838-4389

Blue Sky Plumbing & Heating                       303.674.2442

Brad Co Plumbing & Heating                        303.674.1192

Elite Mechanical                                              303.419.3019

Indian Hills Water District                             303.697.8810



All Star Gas                                                       303.674.6421

Ameri Gas                                                         303.674.3321

Independent Propane                                     303.838.9880


Radon Mitigation  

Rocky Mountain Radon                                 303.980.1961

ACE Radon Company                                     303.753.1044

Front Range Radon                                        303.453.1115

Radon Engineering Consultants                   303.741.1100

Radon Sea                                                        303.753.9769


Rental Property   

Homes for Rent in Evergreen, Conifer, Denver Metro and MORE!


Bear Paw Stanbro Property Management 303.674.8363





Gallagher Roofing, Inc.                                   303.674.5432

Colorado Classic Roofing                               303.670.7330

Hackbarth Roofing                                         303.433.6732

Summit Roofing                                              303.205.1275



Dish Network                                                  800.843.4742

DirectTv                                                         1.800.496.6089 (mention account #40189072 Stephanie Foster and you may receive 10 nonrefundable/non-transferablecredits of $10 each over 10 DIRECTV billing cycles, totaling $100)


Septic Pumping  

Foothills Septic                                                 303.670.3160

Shirley Septic                                                   303.838.6033


Septic System Repair  

Shirey Septic                                                    303.838.6033

SRC Enterprises                                              303.838.4446


Snow Plowing & Escavating  

Larry Renaurd                                                  303.210.9219 or       303.674.2401



Evergreen Survey                                            303.674.3444

Pitsker Survey                                                  303.674.6018

Trash  Service

Mountain View Waste                                     303.838.0560

EDS                                                                    303.674.4147

Tree Service  

Lam Tree Service                                            303.674.8733



Bailey Water & Sanitations District             303.838.8184

Brook Forest Water District                         303.674.8194

Bailey Water & Sanitations District              303.838.8184

Brook Forest Water District                          303.674.8194

Evergreen Metro Utility                                303.674.4112

Homestead Water District                            303.674.7777

Indian Hills Water District                            303.697.8810

Lookout Mountain Water District                303.526.2025


Water Analysis  

Blue Valley Water Specialist                         303.567.4128

Geo Water Services                                       303.670.3348


Well Pump Service

Arrow Well Testing                                        303.838.1355

Blue Valley Water Specialists                       303.567.4128

Geo Water Services                                        303.670.3348

Living Water Pump                                         303.674.2017

Sun Up Water                                                  303.838.1533

Window Cleaning  

Mountain view Window Cleaning               303.973.5253

Evergreen Window Cleaning                        303.618.1972

Father & Son Window Cleaning                   303.674.7858

Peak Window Cleaning                                 303.670.7321

Window Repair

TheGlassGuruDenverNorth.com              720-215-1313


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